Lynn Lee Contempt of Court? No

Clearly guilty of contempt of court would be Shane Todd’s parents rather than Lynn Lee the filmmaker who made the video that 2 SMRT bus drivers were supposedly beaten during police interrogation. Shane Todd’s parents, in their denial and warped conspiracy theory that the US, China and Singapore governments were in collusion and covering up the murder of their son by PRC assassins, said outrightly that the court was corrupt. I don’t remember Lynn Lee doing or saying of anything of that sort.

Lynn Lee is merely guilty of advocating the SMRT strike cause. She knew the strike was illegal and once she heard about the plight of the drivers regardless if she believed it or not, realised that it was a good story and opportunity to give the drivers their point of view and accounts of police abuse in a video.  Which is all fine as it is merely pushing across a different perspective.

She worked with Jolovan Wham and others in lobbying for the SMRT strike drivers – HOME, TWC2, SDP altogether championed a lost cause as the strike was illegal and nobody wanted to support foreigners in the xenophobic climate in Singapore now. Idealistic in views, opportunistic in telling stories, but not contempt of court. The court warning to her is merely hot air, albeit she would be more careful of making similar videos in future. Who wouldn’t?

AGC sends warning to filmmaker for contempt of court

SINGAPORE: The Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC) has sent a warning to filmmaker Lee Seng Lynn, for posting online videos which contained allegations made by ex-SMRT bus drivers.

In a statement released on Friday afternoon, the AGC said it has issued a letter of warning to Ms Lee through her lawyer, for having committed sub judice contempt of court.

In January 2013, she had made public videos of interviews with two ex-SMRT drivers from China, who were charged with instigating other SMRT bus drivers to join the November 2012 illegal strike.

In the video, the two drivers, He Junling, 32, and Liu Xiang Ying, 33, had alleged that they were physically abused and threatened by their interrogators when in police custody sometime after the strike.

AGC said at the time of publication, Ms Lee was aware that criminal proceedings against He and Liu, as well as two other ex-drivers from China, Gao Yue Qiang and Wang Xianjie, were pending.

The criminal proceedings against the former bus drivers ended in February.

AGC said it has completed its review of Ms Lee’s conduct and found that her conduct created “a real risk of prejudice to the criminal proceedings pending then”.

It added that such conduct “can obstruct the determination of the truth or erode respect for our judicial institutions”.

This, it said, would in turn harm the public interest in the proper administration of justice.

But AGC is of the view that a warning is sufficient in this case, rather than court action against her for contempt of court.

Separately, the AGC said it is aware of remarks made by the family of the late Mr Shane Todd in relation to the coroner’s inquiry, which is currently in progress.

The AGC urged the public and the media not to make or report any statements “which could be construed as trying to improperly influence the decision of the coroner, or cast aspersions on the independence of this proceeding.”