Hypocrisy in FCBC: Planks and Specks in Eyes

Practice what you preach.

Firstly, Pastor Larence Khong’s Faith Community Baptist Church took what it thought was the high road and sacked its then married, now divorced female staff for having an affair with another church staff, another divorcee. The sacking was illegal as MOM regulations said that the female staff was pregnant when she was sacked. Employers cannot give pregnant female staff the boot according to Section 81 of the Employment Act,

“If employer terminates the employment of a pregnant employee within six months from the date of estimated delivery or the date of her confinement without sufficient cause, the employer is required to pay the employee maternity benefits she would have otherwise been eligible for.”

The female staff then complained and MOM intervened, and FCBC grudgingly gave its fallen church goer the compensation she deserved under secular law. The penalty for ignoring MOM was a maximum fine of $10,000 and maximum jail term of 1 year. Where was FCBC’s compassion? Pregnant woman and turning her out? Even if they thought she was a moral blight, then at least just compensate her according to law and then boot her out. Hard but just. But FCBC neither had compassion nor common sense and opted for being hard and mean.

Secondly, Pastor Khong’s own daughter, Priscilla Khong, is a single mother and had a son out of wedlock. Irrelevant and a personal lifestyle choice under normal situations but not so in the context of FCBC’s puritan stand on sacking a pregnant staff. Priscilla is OK and forgiven in her church and daddy’s eyes, performing magic shows with him as a means of spreading their pick and choose version of the Gospel. So much for the strict sacredness of marriage and the traditional family that FCBC so wanted to preach. The hypocrisy in practicing what was preached.

You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye. Matthew 7:5


Compensate woman fired for adultery, church told
It sacked pregnant employee ‘without sufficient cause’, says MOM

One of Singapore’s biggest independent churches has been ordered by the Government to compensate a female church worker fired because of her alleged adulterous relationship.

The female employee at Faith Community Baptist Church (FCBC) had gone to the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) after she was sacked last September when the church found out she was pregnant with the child of another church employee.

The ministry said that it looked into the complaint and found that the woman was “dismissed without sufficient cause within six months of her delivery date”.

The church did not give her the salary and maternity benefits she was entitled to under the Employment Act.


NDR 2013: WP’s Old Wine and PAP’s New Bottle

As usual, the annual NDR is good news and goodies. Credit to the PAP in trying to listen. This year is no different. However, NCMP Gerald Giam, who looks set to be the next MP from East Coast GRC, explained why this year’s NDR was a good one. The PAP listened to the people and borrowed ideas from the leading opposition, the WP.

An example from NCMP Giam’s blog article, on Medishield, which is the most important promise in the NDR as it affects all unlike HDB, PSLE and other policies which affect segments of society only,

During the Committee of Supply debate in Parliament in March 2012, I said:

some of those who need MediShield coverage the most, like babies with congenital problems and the very old, are often denied coverage.    MediShield currently covers 92% of Singaporeans. Those who are not covered include some of the elderly, homemakers, and others who have voluntarily opted out of MediShield. Some are not able to obtain MediShield coverage due to pre-existing conditions.    I would like to ask what the Ministry is doing to achieve a higher level of coverage for all Singaporeans? What is the Ministry’s targeted level of coverage of MediShield?

And the answer came during last night’s speech:

Elaborating on the changes, (PM Lee) said that universal coverage means there will be no more opting out, with everyone covered including the elderly and those with pre-existing illnesses.

Many interpretations on what NCMP Giam meant. The PAP listened, the PAP stole WP ideas without attribution, the PAP and WP are more alike in policies and direction than most people think. The most important interpretation is that the WP, warts and all and we should not be blind to them, is doing its job in parliament by advocating and influencing the ruling party. So the 2-party system in Singapore can work, and it does not need to be confrontational like in other parliaments, Westminster system or not. The Singapore Way could be a consensual 2-party system where the incumbent and the opposition work towards centrist positions. A work in progress no doubt, and proves the worth of WP in parliament.

National Day, Celebration not Protest

Some people turned up for an alternative National Day celebration, which was more like a protest, at Hong Lim Park. It was organised by Gilbert Goh, the nobody turned somebody overnight a few months ago when he organised the anti-foreigner protest, attacking the PAP’s White Paper on population and a target 6.9 million populace.

National Day is for everybody to celebrate together regardless of their political differences. I thought it was in 2011 and after the milestone GE, a bright spark among the organisers of the NDP finally persuaded the political parties to ditch their party whites or blues and wear red and white when attending as MPs during the annual parade. That was a conciliatory move to show moving together as one Singapore despite natural diffierences in politics.

The run up to this National Day was spiced first with gay activist Alex Au saying that it was alright to burn the Singapore flag. He crossed the line with that provocation on the rights to free speech and it was one of Alex Au’s few fumbles in his usually good blogging. The instigation to burn the state flag was a deliberate conflation of Singapore as a state and the PAP as Singapore, and confused between disliking the ruling party as the same as disliking Singapore and its emblems. The flag is sacred and a sense of collective identity and belonging steeped in history that transcends politics and parties. Learned Alex Au should have known that. Flag desecration is nonetheless controversial, and Germany, Israel and Switzerland are among those who outlaw flag desecration like burning. I’m sure Singapore has similar laws and if it doesn’t, it should.

This National Day protest at Hong Lim Park, is similarly an affront to Singapore and Singaporeans. Gilbert Goh must have got it into his head that he is some unstoppable protest pied piper and wanted to draw people from celebrating to protesting. Protesting is all well and good because that is what Hong Lim Park is mostly for but to provocatively hold it on National Day itself, or even over the National Day weekend, is bad timing and thus bad taste.

Holding a protest on the same day as the national day rally since the rally is a PAP-run affair mostly; now that is fair game. Gilbert Goh actually gave fellow activists and opposition politicians like Ravi Philemon and Leong Sze Hian a bad name when they stood with him on this Hong Lim Park protest.


Anthony Kan

Traditionally for the last 47 years, Singapore celebrates its nation building with a large scale parade. Tomorrow, a very small group of people are calling Singaporeans to join them at Hong Lim Park to celebrate National Day.

Ironically, those people at Hong Lim Park don’t quite believes that the National Day should be celebrated. They are people who believed that the Singapore flag can be burnt. The National Anthem is sang each time the Singapore flag is raised. So are they going to sing the National Anthem and burn the Singapore flag tomorrow at Hong Lim Park? The National Anthem is almost inseparable of the Singapore flag.

I had a little exchange with one person who is going there. That person said that it is going to be great excitement in their camp. What started that little exchange was a comment by that person who said that cartoonist Leslie Chew could be president. I wished the person well and said that to be able to dream is a good thing. I was then extended an invitation.

There are lots of these innocent people who had good intention of doing good for Singapore. They were sold by people who promises a dream where no stray animals would be abused, no elderly people need to toil in their golden years, no challenges from foreign talents for their jobs. Perhaps past heavy handedness of people carrying out good meaning policies had upset these people.

I wished the person well again and said “enjoy and have fun (with your dream)”. I am too busy doing things for Singaporeans to indulge myself in your fun. The person then turned a little agitated and cynical and asked “Is that so? “And what are you busying over?” I told her I am busy looking out for jobs for the unemployed, coordinating animal welfare groups so that the strays may not be abused, helping the aged to earn a dignified living instead of having to ask for donations for everything. I had no reply till now.

You see….the difference between the Floating Stage at Esplanade and the on at Hong Lim Park is this : At the Esplanade floating Stage, people are celebrating real accomplishment, whereas at Hong Lim Park people are indulging in a dream. Two separate world, two different sets of people. The Realists and The Dreamers. It is good to have dreams, and to work towards realizing one’s dreams.

I was waiting for a reply so that I can explain why I cannot join their fun and the difference between being Realist at Esplanade and Dreamer at Hong Lim. You see, the real world is full of rules and guidelines, but dreams do not. In a dream, one can do anything that is beyond human and nothing will ever happen when one awakes.

So in their dream, anyone can become Prime Minister or President, and you can have as many PMs and Presidents as you wish. Their dream also consist of homosexual activities anywhere and everywhere, not sure if their PMs and Presidents are also part of that? Their dream is full of hatred and they like to SLAP the people they don;t like and never get slapped back.

Let me also make this clear. They are not Opposition politicians. The real Opposition politicians will be at the Esplanade Floating Stage celebrating real accomplishments and will not be at Hong Lim Park dreaming.