Predator Prof Tey Tsun Hang Jailed

Former NUS prof Tey Tsun Hang was found guilty sentenced to 5 month jail and he has appealed. Not sure if the courts still practices doubling the sentences if an appeal falls through. This law professor thought he could get away with it and he underestimated jealous students who whistleblew on him as such predator behaviour would eventually get exposed more so if it was not an isolated practice. Consensual though his relationship with his student, it was unethical and illegal as he abused his power for personal gain. He even sounded like a cheap mean fellow getting sex and other gifts from his victim, making her pay for aborting his baby, and then merely giving her a B.

Interesting that Tey, part of the establishment being a NUS lecturer and all, only got 5 months when the maximum jail sentence under the Prevention of Corruption Act is 5 years. He really got it lightly if the government was that hardline on anti-corruption and the recent sex scandals tarnishing the image of the government e.g. Peter Lim, and the political leadership e.g. Michael Palmer and Yaw Shin Leong.

Former SCDF chief Peter Lim was found guilty in a sex for contract scandal. Tey already set the benchmark of 5 months and let’s see if he gets a heavier sentence.

Singapore jails professor in sex-for-grades case

From: AFP

June 04, 2013 12:00AM

A LAW professor was sentenced to five months in jail in Singapore yesterday for obtaining sexual favours and gifts from a female student in exchange for better grades.

Former National University of Singapore (NUS) professor, Tey Tsun Hang will also pay a penalty for the gifts he had received, Judge Tan Siong Thye ruled.

Tey, who is married with a daughter, was found guilty last week of six charges of corruption over his relationship with his then-student Darinne Ko in 2010. Local media reported that she is now 23 and working in a law firm.

After the verdict, the NUS announced that it had terminated Tey’s employment.

Dressed in a white shirt and black tie, Tey folded his arms and mumbled to himself as the judge read out the grounds for sentencing.

He was handcuffed and led away by police officers after the court session ended.

Judge Tan said Tey “chose to be corrupt” and “exploited” his student, obtaining sexual favours and receiving gifts that included tailored shirts and a limited-edition pen.

Ko got pregnant during their affair and paid for her own abortion, the judge said.

“The corrupt actions of the accused were premeditated and carried out on several occasions. He clearly and systematically took advantage of his student,” the judge said.

“As an educator, he was in a position of trust and responsibility. He belonged to a public body that provided tertiary education to the people of Singapore,” he added.

Defence lawyer Peter Low filed an appeal immediately and Tey was granted bail at $120,000.


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  2. The guilty verdict on the prof reveals how juvenile and unrealistic our society is. It is just an everyday moral failing. At most, he failed to abide by his institution code of conduct and should be disciplined accordingly. To charge(falsely accuse him) or jail him for corruption is no different from religiously stoning an adulterer to death. That’s barbarous and even inhuman.

  3. This is the guy who published “Legal Consensus: Supreme Executive, Supine Jurisprudence, Suppliant Profession of Singapore.

    Just the title alone is enough to get him into trouble.

  4. That book is a licence to break laws and screw students?

  5. ” Tahu makan tahu simpang”

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