Todds Give Up

The parents of Shane Todd have given up on the inquiry in Singapore. A witness testified that he met the parents of Shane Todd after Shane’s death in Singapore, despite the Todds claiming that they had never met the man. This man, Luis Montes said he met Shane the night before he died and this buckled the Todds’ theory that their son was murdered earlier. The Todd’s expert witness,  retracted his statement that Todd was garroted while 2 senior and certified pathologists made their stand that Todd died from hanging. The Todds wanted the FBI to prove the Singapore police wrong in the forensic results but FBI and our police stood on the same side of the fence on this.

The Todds still cannot accept that Shane was not murdered although evidence points to suicide by hanging. Like his depression, mood swings and research of suicide websites. My sympathy for them is diminishing day by day with their antics and conspiracy theories.  The Todds would now turn to the court of public opinion and try to convince anybody who wants to hear that their son was killed by an assassin. Lobbyists against the import of Huawei technology into the US to compete with US companies are one rich pool of Todd conspiracy theory supporters.

Right from the start before the court inquiry commenced the parents insisted that there was a cover-up by Singapore and China.  They were fixed in their minds that Shane was assassinated and nothing in the inquiry could change it. Looking back, it all seemed as if it was a show staged by the Todds.  With the Todds giving up and walking out of court, it makes a great controversial open ending for a movie or at least a documentary. Good luck to the Todds for monetising Shane’s death.


The family of a young US engineer who died in Singapore last year were preparing to leave the city-state on Wednesday as the foreign minister expressed regret they had turned their backs on a coroner’s inquiry into the case.

The parents of Shane Todd, a 31-year-old electrical engineer who had been working at a top Singapore government research institute, said they “no longer have confidence” in the inquest, now in its second week.

“We regret the fact that the Todd family has chosen to walk out of the proceedings,” said K Shanmugam, foreign minister.

“For reasons best known to them, they walked out and it’s unfortunate that they decided to leave,” Mr Shanmugam told a news conference. “It would have been useful to hear the family’s side as to how they had come to a different view of the facts.”

The inquiry, which is due to hear from dozens of witnesses, was set up to explore how Todd died – including whether Todd committed suicide or, as his family believes, was murdered. Todd was found hanging in his apartment in June last year, two days after he left his job at a top Singapore government research agency, the Institute of Microelectronics.

At IME he was part of a team working on the development of gallium nitride (GaN), a substance with commercial and military uses. He had been working on a project proposal between IME and Huawei, the Chinese telecoms company, though IME officials this week have testified that project never went ahead.

Singaporean officials have presented evidence at the inquest that the engineer had visited suicide-related websites multiple times in the weeks before his death. This week a medical examiner called by the family retracted an initial statement that he believed Todd had been garrotted.

The Todds in leaving the inquest said they believed that the outcome “had been predetermined” and that insufficient focus had been given to examining whether he might have been murdered.

“We had been told that the coroner inquiry is not adversarial; rather, it is a fact-finding mission with the sole purpose of getting to the truth. This has not been our experience,” Mary and Rick Todd said in a statement.

“We no longer have confidence in the transparency and the fairness of the system. It appears to us that the outcome has been predetermined. We believe we’ve given the judge ample evidence to make a fair judgment, and therefore our presence here is no longer needed.

“The Todd family will now turn to the court of public opinion with all the concrete evidence that our son was murdered.”

The inquiry, in front of a single judge, is set to continue until May 28. A verdict will be delivered about three weeks later and cannot be appealed.


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  2. on 48 hours shane’s girlfriend was pregnant showed on spies lies and secrets on 48 hours no photos of the kid on facebook with families?

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