Shane Todd’s Death and Denial

A John le Carre FT article by Raymond Bonner and Christine Spolar launched the Todd’s grief-stricken lobby only now although their son Shane Todd died in 2012. The parents of Shane are already here in Singapore to prove that their son Shane was murdered in Singapore over an illegal transfer of sensitive military technology to China. Rick and Mary Todd are also insisting that if the Singapore coroner stuck to the original police finding of suicide, the distraught parents would lobby the US Congress to place pressure on Singapore and China for the murder and cover up. This was their reverse-psychology ultimatum that the coroner and court better ruled their way if they were smart:

“We believe China and Singapore are illegally transferring technology, our technology, from the United States. We believe it’s so high up that if our son was murdered, the implications for Singapore and China are so extreme that they will go to any lengths to make it look like suicide.”

This had all the right story elements to rally US public support and a Hollywood straight-to-DVD movie – wave the US flag, show theft of US defence intellectual property, pick on a small country like Singapore, pit against a rival power like China that is partly the reason for the Asian pivot, talk about conspiracy theories of deceit and murder.

The parents of Shane could not accept that their son could commit suicide. This is natural especially when Shane claimed to them before his death that he was involved in a supposedly shady project and transfer of military technology to Huawei through his employment with a Singapore company IME. During his work, he was stressed and took anti-depressants, proof that he had anxiety over the nature of the work. On the other hand, the stress and pills were also proof that Shane’s mental health can be questioned. What parent would accept that their son is so distressed that he could commit suicide?

The Todds are so certain that it was murder from the evidence in the speaker hard drive they found but would not share with the FBI and the Singapore police. Despite FBI and the police’s reqeust for it to follow leads. An incriminating hard drive that the hypothetical killer did not take away with him. A hard drive that contained sensitive military technology Shane took from his company to work on at home, instead of keeping it under lock and key in the office.  These are also inconsistencies pointing that the Todds might be in denial.

Still, whether the Todds are right or not about their son’s death, to be fair maybe he was murdered, we have to wait for the coroner’s findings first in the end.


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  2. between cock police or parents in denial, i think parents in denial more.

    • Todd’s lying nothing they say makes sense Mary and the police told her
      the detective pulled down the body because the detective said in singapore we cared about life so we pull Shane down WHAT LIFE HE IS DEAD?

  3. Kubler-Ross Five Stages of Grief:
    1 Denial
    2 Anger
    3 Bargaining
    4 Depression
    5 Acceptance

    The Todds are still at stages 1 and 2. They cannot believe that their loved one would kill himself and a murder is the best explanation. If I’m a parent also I would think that even if the facts show otherwise.

  4. this is staged by family

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