Hopefully the Mob Tripped itself when it Kicked Out

Tin Pei Ling bore the brunt of the first wave of bad taste criticisms seen in the usual dark gutters of the internet like Sammyboy and Temasek Review. She is the PAP’s youngest candidate since Tan Soo Khoon who was elected at 27 in Alexandra by winning 75.9% of the votes. Obviously in 1976, it was all single seat constituencies, not GRCs, but casting aspersions on PAP gerrymandering in this blog is for another time.

Fortunately, some dared try to bring reason and credibility back to the Internet. Postmaster-General argued that the mob rants were below the belt, Tribolum lamented that many lost the plot in their malice, Siew Kum Hong posited that the personal attacks were unwarranted and Moto sighed that infantile malice in the Internet is still prevalent. Not all agreed of course e.g. Onesingaporean mused that it is just karma and Rockson, well remained as Rockson.

If this denouncement of the mob attacks on the youngest PAP candidate this GE keeps up, although the mob might still ridicule her for spiteful reasons, the masses would at least respect her for being tough and surviving her PAP Candidate Hell Week. Only if Tin Pei Ling plays it smart and roll with the punches, and gets up again, and again.


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