Property Buyers Strike Back

Especially now as developers might be rushing to build projects before the property market demand tapers off, shoddy workmanship could be the result. City Developments Limited‘s reputation is taking a hard knock here as their contractors cut corners and did a poor job. Water leakages in the car parks and units are the main problems and who wants a leaky apartment, regardless if it is a HDB or private one.

The condo at the centre of the controversy is Emery Point. The asking price for one unit at that condo is about $1.4 million for a 1300 sqft unit. So if you want to buy that condo and perhaps other CDL projects built around that time, caveat emptor.  It is surprising that this case had to go to court as CDL should have tried to settle it rather than allow this public relations disaster to happen.

Development Name: Emery Point
Property Type: Apartment
Developer: City Developments Ltd
Tenure: Freehold
Completion Year: 2005
# of Floors: 19
# of Units: 51

(source: Property Guru)


Condo owners sue developer, 7 other parties over alleged defects
05:56 AM Feb 08, 2011
by Leong Wee Keat

SINGAPORE – They allege that their basement car park has 280 points of water leakage, that their swimming pool has sharp surfaces that cut swimmers and ruin their swimwear, and that a third of their condominium’s 51 units are leaking rainwater.

These are some of the alleged defects that disgruntled unit owners of freehold development Emery Point, an 18-storey single residential tower at Ipoh Lane in Katong, are citing in a lawsuit against its developer, main contractor, sub-contractors and architect – eight parties in all.

As the case began in the High Court yesterday, City Developments Limited (CDL) said in defence that “some defects to the common property” arose from the contractor’s poor workmanship, even as CDL’s lawyer Ling Tien Wah argued that “there’s no such thing as a perfect building”.

CDL intends to show during the 10-day hearing that it is contractually liable to only two owners who bought their units before the completion date in September 2003.

“Caveat emptor applied to owners who bought units from CDL after the Certificate of Statutory Completion date and, as such, even if there are building defects, these owners have no remedy against CDL,” said Mr Ling.

But Mr Leo Cheng Suan, lawyer for the condominium’s current management corporation, said that as CDL’s managers were council members of the management corporation until 2007 and “fully aware” of the issues, the company had “shirked” its duty.

The management corporation’s role will also be highlighted by main contractor Hytech Builders and two sub-contractors, Heng Boon Seng Construction and Industrial Contracts Marketing, who claim that it failed to maintain the property and that any problems were caused by wear and tear.

But, Mr Leo feels, this “misses the point” as the alleged defects had surfaced early. “These defendants are only prepared to do cosmetic patch repairs at the very least possible cost: Grouting time and time again, applying silicone to try to stop the leaks for a few months until the silicone dries up and the occupiers scream at them again,” he said.

Tender prices submitted by three general contractors indicate that rectification work may cost between $512,380 and $626,350


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