SDP’s Latest Stunt Troopers

We can always count on SDP to get stuntmen and the political human cannonballs. The SDP’s political style has been to be loudly expressive with all the sights and sounds, not unlike the 3-ringed Big Top and the latest addition to their cohort is the posterboy of the anti-YOG camp.

This Malik guy with one swoop razed the entire anti-YOG campaign. The authorities seized the cheap below-the-belt opportunity to tie him at the stake as a violent activist almost like the MP burner Ong Kah Chua. Malik is thus after the police action elevated  to political martyr status, joining the ranks of SDP friends like Seelan Palay or Martyn See in some ways.  Well, SDP did manage to get some controversy and publicity from the latest saga behind Maliks’ burn Vivian comment. I rest assured that when the next GE comes, Malik would not disappoint with his entertaining fiery political fire-walking and unless something drastic happens, I would rather burn my vote then vote for him.

Anti-YOG man to stand in GE

By Jeremy Au Yong

Mr Abdul Malik Mohammed Ghazali, 27 wants to contest the next general election and will join the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP). — PHOTO: GAVIN FOO

THE man behind the ‘burn the minister’ comments on Facebook wants to contest the next general election and is joining the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP).

Mr Abdul Malik Mohammed Ghazali, 27, who was arrested on Aug 24 after his comments on an anti-Youth Olympic Games (YOG) website, applied to join the SDP last Saturday.

He said on Wednesday he has yet to receive confirmation of his membership.

The construction company project executive said in an e-mail message to The Straits Times: ‘Given the chance, I would be honoured to represent my party in the next general election. I must first take the counsel of my more experienced colleagues before deciding to contest.’

He believes the opposition has a role to counter-balance the People’s Action Party and wants to give ‘the common man the right to air his views freely’.

He considered entering politics in 2007 but held off until now.


3 Responses

  1. The thing with typical singaporean like you is when somebody do something about the sad state of political affairs here, they are dismissed as
    “stunt troopers” “political showmen” or what’s in your
    I have no beef with him. The more people him stand
    for GE, the better it is for this little red dot.
    By not doing so, we are apethatic, submissive etc etc.
    Seriously, what exactly do regular complainers like
    you want?

  2. Isn’t it obvious, this blogger thinks that it is wrong or a “stunt” for Malik to ask for accountability for the $387 million that MCYS spent on the games.

    Like the “majority” of Singaporeans, he/she would like to simply donate our money to the greater mortals of the PAP without question

  3. We should be thankful that there are people like Malik, CSJ who are willing to stick their neck out (and get arrested) just to hold the PAP accountable to its actions
    Unlike some whims who hide behind their faceless blogs to criticise them using pseudonyns

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