The New US Ambassador

The new US Ambassador is in town, finally, as since President Obama was elected and the old Bush-era ambassador went home, the US Embassy was officially ambassador-less. To start on a clean slate and downplay his earlier comments about shoving their version of democracy to Singapore, Ambassador David Adelman said that he would not interfere in local politics.

US democracy sycophants like members of the SDP would be disappointed if the US Ambassador remains true to his word. Why? SDP leader Chee Soon Juan has strong affiliations to the US’ National Endowment for Democracy and therefore would hope for US’ support for his continued civil disobedience and his brand of politics for Singapore which never really took off with Singaporeans in the first place.

Apr 30, 2010
I wasn’t criticising S’pore
New ambassador says remarks on freedom not an attempt to meddle
By Jeremy Au Yong

COMMENTS he made about Singapore’s political freedom two months ago had annoyed many here.

So Mr David Adelman, on his first day on the job as United States Ambassador to Singapore, spent much of his first meeting with the Singapore media mending fences.

Speaking at a press conference yesterday, he stressed repeatedly that his earlier remarks – on how he would use public diplomacy to promote political freedom in Singapore – were not an attempt to interfere in local politics.

He had earlier presented his credentials to President S R Nathan at the Istana.

The 45-year-old former state senator of Georgia said his statement was simply an expression of his pride in the American system. It was not a specific comment about Singapore.

He said: ‘My comment is a comment that could be made by any ambassadorial nominee to virtually any post across the world, which is, we value the United States, our press freedoms, our freedoms of assembly and our multi-party democracy and we believe it’s a great example of a working democracy that has been… a constructive force around the world.’