A Bad Day for the Court?

The High Court overturned an earlier decision that some SDP members were not involved in an illegal procession. I am not a SDP fan at all but in this case, let’s try and remember that in Singapore politics, non-PAP political events are  easily turned into illegal events because no permits were applied for or if there were applications duly submitted, they were rejected.

There is an impression that the courts would always rule in favour of the PAP; maybe the politically correct answer is that  the opposition politician whenever he lands up in court can never get a lawyer that is good enough to contest the prosecutor or the PAP lawyer? That is a good reason why Chiam See Tong or Low Thia Khiang never wanted to get into legal trouble with the PAP e.g. alleged defamation of PAP MPs,  as the PAP always has the upper hand in that arena. Be smart, don’t break the law and yet still get things done is their preferred style compared to the SDP.

Apr 2, 2010
Acquittals overturned
The five had taken part in an illegal procession in 2007

A HIGH Court judge on Thursday overturned a district judge’s acquittal of five opposition figures for taking part in an illegal street procession in 2007.

Justice Choo Han Teck ordered District Judge John Ng, who acquitted the five leaders and supporters of the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) last October, to record the conviction and to hear their mitigation for sentencing at a later date.

The Government appealed against the acquittal of the five, who had been charged with taking part in an illegal procession.

They had walked without a valid permit from Hong Lim Park to the Queenstown Remand Prison on Sept 16, 2007.

In his October judgment, Judge Ng, referring to dictionary definitions of the word, argued that he did not consider what they had done a ‘procession’.

He noted that the SDP five had walked mainly on pedestrian pathways, made ad hoc stops for toilet breaks, and walked ‘casually’, sometimes singly or in pairs.


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