Responsibility and Blame, Shame Shame

Minister Wong Kan Seng must be thankful for the breathing space and the respite that MM Lee has bought for him. From where I am lurking, dear MM Lee has started another storm by saying what he thinks and wants. His son, Lee Hsien Loong the Silent, has remained wisely quiet in the background as he knows that anything said will only makes things worse. The court of public opinion now is an angry lashing one. Any word, phrase or sentence would be met with extreme rancour as no amount of sugar coating can cover government complacency, negligence and incompetence.

Why can’t the government understand that they are responsible for this Mas Selamt mess and its far reaching implications? The home affairs minister already apologised (+1 public relations) that this happened. But they have this blank face when fingers point at them to step up more. I am not blaming the top leaders or the entire government for the escape, I am just asking that as leaders, highly paid ones at that, they should accept responsibility for the escape.

Responsibility is not the same as blame. Acceptance of blame is for negligence which led to the escape. Acceptance of grave responsibility is for leaders enlightened enough to shoulder the onus and rewards of being up there. Taichi-ing blame for the escape to custodians first (largely valid argument) and then to Singaporeans as well (totally invalid argument) just reflects unenlightened lost leadership

If Singaporeans are to be blamed for anything, it is our complancency to vote this government in over and over again.


8 Responses

  1. The govt did NOT apologise. WKS said he was sorry that it happened. He did not say “I’m sorry”. They mean totally different things.

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  3. We Singapore are complacent to vote these overpaid turks who blame us for being complacent when Mas Selamat escape We are just to complacent to choose them as our government so remember to vote someone else in the next election

  4. What to do, said Junior Lee, it’s happened. Let’s close ranks and move on!

  5. We just want to know. What actually happened, how it happened we want to know the truth…

    Stop changing the subject by saying that we are complacent.
    Stop buying time tell us the truth its been more than a month now…

    just tell us the truth and let us see just how incompetent the government and its related sector is in handling this kind of situations

  6. farking shit!! don’t even have the balls to take responsibilty for mistake done. having more salary shrink yr balls is it ???

  7. Yes, he did apologise for specifically for the action but not to the extent that his contrition meant losing his job.

    I think the more salary they collect, the more the want to protect it! Scary self-preservation putting into question the supposed selfless values of the PAP.

    On closing ranks that it has happened. I think that is important, not only closing ranks against the government and leaders, but also with them at another level as Singaporeans facing a common problem e.g. like Sars. We should also move on, but with this incident wired into our collective memory and remembered when the GE comes.

    They PAP should be brought to task not because they caused or allowed the escape, but how they handled the escape.

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