The Right to Public Entertainment

SDP’s latest stunt on Saturday at Parliament House shows that they still have many tricks up their sleeve. A recent workshop they had must have lit up a few light bulbs. Eager to spark off controversy and draw attention to themselves for fear they would be forgotten, SDP members again stood up to the police only to be dragged away unceremoniously despite desperately holding on to each other and to their dignity. SDP is the leader in political entertainment in Singapore. With its highly honed tried and tested skills of provoking the police into silly action, a SDP event is always a circus. We laugh with them and laugh at them. Nevetheless, being talented at pubic entertainment doesn’t mean SDP gets my political support or vote though.

SDP and World Consumer Rights Day

Chee Siok Chin Caught in a Human Net

Chee Siok Chin outside Shangri-La

Riot Squad vs 4 Protestors

Istana Protest Broken Up


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  1. […] Tak Boleh Tahan! Protest – Pseudonymity: Chee Siok Chin To Police: Produce Evidence Or Retract Statement – The Sun Shines on Singapore: The Right to Public Entertainment […]

  2. What are your options then? Continue to vote for PAP? Is that the lesser of 2 evils?

  3. For real entertainment, I read this:

    For real comedy, I get my share from
    – Mee siam mai hum
    – Wong Can’t Say on Mas Selamat Jalan
    – Then he’s limp, now he’s not – Lame Home Team is feeling the sting of a tight slap on the face while the Boss Man is giving it credit for job well done 🙂
    – 7% GST to help the Poor
    – Females in Singapore will be maids in other countries if we don’t pay Million $$$ to our elite ministers
    – CPF is for the citizens’ benefit?
    – HDB flats market subsidy which till today is a “WTF, you dare call this subsidy?”
    – the latest LTA song & dance on where taxis can/cannot stop
    – the 3 M’s – MM, SM & PM. Do we need so many M’s?

    I’m sure most will find the above painfully Hilarious!!!

    I love the comedy. It lightens me up and prevents me from going to Institute of Mental Health. It’s just that I keep getting a terrible headache from the never ending spin from the rich lawmakers through msm!


    • Come si fa a fare un timelapse in cui la fotocamera si muove nello spazio in modo lineare(quasi come se fosse una persona a rinrdpeere)?Io sapevo che per registrare un timelapse occorre utilizzare un cavalletto.

  4. Vote NSP! Why think in terms of PAP, SDP, WP?

  5. jokernthief – That is thinking out of the box!

    feedmetothefish – Thanks! Molly is a fun read.

    Mark – Just vote who you want to vote for. It does not have to be PAP or SDP. There are other parties who deserve a shot more.

  6. As for public entertainment this is one to beat:

    “But there was one officer who stood out in his utter lack of respect for the uniform he wore. Station Inspector Tan Kok Ann, a stout man with a crew cut, was flippant as he was dishonest.

    As if pleased with himself for his great performance that day, SI Tan Kok Ann did a little jig in front of those in the holding cell. Yes, in full uniform. “

  7. Quote: We laugh with them and laugh at them?

    Is exercising one’s constitutional rights something funny to you?

  8. Well I guess I don’t have to spend the weekend fiunirgg this one out!

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