The One That Got Away

Oh dear. Would the escape of this Mas Salamat guy be an excuse for more intrusion, less privacy, more surveillance, less rights in our Singapore?

In the meantime, call 999 (not 911) if you really saw him and do a public service.

A Jemaah Islamiah detainee has gotten away from Whitley Detenion Centre wherever that is and the manhunt is on. I think it will be a matter of time before he is arrested as Singapore is a small country and eventually someone will spot him or the police and military will hunt him down. The question of when and how comes to mind. The military are used to try and apprehend this lone crazy jihadi as the SAF is allowed to operate in Singapore under some amendment to the SAF Act last year. I think the Defence and Home Affairs ministries should pump in as many people as possible in a no-holds barred manhunt like they saturated Tekong a few years ago to look for some fugitives from Malaysia. I am not being sarcastic as the more boots on the ground the higher the chance of taking care of this guy, whatever the cynics say.

After our guys in green and blue get him, I expect some accountability.


4 Responses

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  3. After you catch the Fish…someone must fry!

  4. Deep fried.

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