A little bit of give and a little bit of take

This is hilarious and it just reflects how immature some people are. I am not attacking religions, the opium of the masses as some would eagerly and maybe unfairly interject at this point, but I take a dim view of sensitive people who just are too intolerant of a teensy weensy tongue in cheek jibes.

Lots of sensitive religious turfing going around recently anyway with that supposed fatwa by the principal of Boon Lay Garden Primary banning non-halal food in the school’s canteen.  The last I heard that school is secular.

Want to use Jesus hand cream? Well, you can’t anymore. At least not in Singapore.


A Singapore-based retailer pulled a line of cheeky Jesus branded cosmetics from its shelves after complaints from irate Catholics, the local newspaper reported on Tuesday.

The cosmetics, called “Lookin’ Good for Jesus”, is made by American makeup company Blue Q. It was sold in three Topshop outlets in Singapore.

Wing Tai Holdings, which manages the Topshop brand in the city-state, pulled the items off its shelves late last month after some customers complained, the Straits Times newspaper reported.

“We don’t want to offend our customers,” a company spokesman was quoted by the paper as saying.

Reuters could not get a comment from Wing Tai as its offices were closed for the Lunar New Year holiday.

The Straits Times said Nick Chui, 27, a Catholic, spotted the items in a Topshop outlet and then wrote a letter to Wing Tai last month saying that the products trivialized Jesus Christ and Christianity.

“There are also sexual innuendoes in the messages and the way Jesus is portrayed in these products,” the paper quoted Chui as saying.

Some of the products sold include, a “virtuous vanilla” lip balm, hand and body cream and a mirrored Jesus statuette. They feature a drawing of Jesus flanked by two adoring women and carry slogans such as “Get tight with Christ”, “Get His Attention” and “Redeem Your Reputation and More”.

Blue Q also carries other tongue-in-cheek items such as a “Believe in God Breath Spray”.

In Singapore, about 50 percent of the population are Buddhists and 14.6 percent are Christian.


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