Encouraging Public Transport, Discouraging Private Transport

A sound balance.

Just some time ago, the great pull to use public transport. Grand plans to revitalise Singapore’s public transport system which is choked as there is no enough REAL competition injected into it and operators are keen to leave things at status quo. The plan to build 2 more lines (Thomson and Eastern Region) is a good vote-buying bet anyway, unless the stations are left unopened because of supposed inadequate demand, like the Buangkok White Elephant story.

Now there is the big push to use public transport. The government is going to slow vehicle growth in Singapore to 1.5%. COE is going to get more expensive once the supply of cars in Singapore is cut down. Sixteen more ERP gantries will be erected this year to make drivers pay for road use. Whatever the government claims about lowering ARF to 100% of OMV (and collecting $200 million less each year) and decreasing road tax by 15% across the board (and collecting $110 million less each year), someone has to pay the bill for the revamped public transport. More likely than not it would be the other road users fighting for road space with public transport – private car drivers.


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